Entwined (PS4)

The idea of being in a situation where one feels that they are associated with another to be point of […]

DOTA Diaries #4: Comfort

People tend to be driven strongly by habit, with this habits often being informed by positive feelings around the outcomes […]

DOTA Diaries #3: Rudeness

Male-dominated spaces – or at least spaces that appear to be male dominated – rarely appeal to me. Gratuitous displays […]


When it is 2000, the first computer you have in your house is a 133MHz Pentium with 16MB of RAM […]

Ground Zeroes’s fourth tape

It’s a good thing to have one’s taste’s challenged. Where such challenges occur around things that one is passionate about, […]

DOTA Diaries #1: 600 Hours

There’s a point at which one should probably admit to their vices, and in the last six months or so […]

SteamOS: Why It Matters

Much as a multitude of snarky remarks can potentially be made about the “gaming press” being incredibly astute in regard […]

Dark Souls: A Retrospective

Games are ruined. Playing, finishing and replaying Dark Souls has given me nothing more than a pervading sense of ennui […]

Hate Plus

Hate Plus is an incredibly well-designed, engrossing, pretty visual novel: this is not all surprising given the high bar set […]

Europa Universalis IV

I’m no nationalist. I’m no nationalist. I have no stake in the entire debate around the Acts of Union of […]

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (PC)

Humour is a sadly dying thing in games: whereas in the mid-nineties, we had the likes of Parodius, Harmful Park […]

Comix Zone (MD/Genesis)

No game as adequately expresses the sentiment that existence is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short” than Comix Zone: half-an-hour […]